Top NEW RELEASES Movies on Netflix in JANUARY 2024! Must Watch Before You Die


Top NEW RELEASES Movies on Netflix in JANUARY 2024! Must Watch Before You Die it's a new year and a brand new Netflix slate welcome to 2024 everyone I'm yash and today we're  going to be taking a look at all the  best new releases on Netflix in January  2024 it's a relatively slow month but  there are a few gems worth mentioning  but first let's start things off by  taking a look at a few Regional releases.

first off in select regions including  the US is the release of the John Wick collection this includes the first three  John Wick movies a lot of these movies  have been on Netflix for a while now but  not in certain regions so it's good to  see they're finally spreading it around.

1. The Equalizer 3 Must Watch

 A little bit and also 2023 action  thriller The Equalizer 3 this is the  action franchise that stars Denzel  Washington as Robert McCall an assassin. who now lives in southern Italy and has  to help out his friends who are being  threatened by the mafia all these movies  release on January 1st and that's the  last region locked release we're going  to cover now let's check out all.

The new  Netflix originals that will be available  in every region first up is fool me once it  follows ex Soldier Maya who sees her  murdered husband on a secret nanny cam  causing her to uncover a deadly  conspiracy that stretches deep into the  past you could check out this series on  January 1st.

 2. the  brother's son First Season

 I'm not your prisoner I'm  here to negotiate next up is the  brother's son this is the first season  of the brand new action crime series  starring Michelle yo it centers on an  average man living in California whose  life is turned upside down when he  discovers his family were renowned  gangsters in Taiwan before escaping to Safety in the US the brother's son is  co-created by Brad falchuk who is also  co-creator of the series American Horror  Story you can check it out on January  4th and releasing on the same day is Society of the snow.

3.Andy's flight disaster Based On True Story 

 this is a survival film about the 1972  Andy's flight disaster in which a  Uruguayan rugby team's plane crashed  into the Andes mountains and left them  stranded this is of course a true story  that was previously adapted into the  1993 film alive this latest adaptation  aims to be more accurate than the '90s  film and is already returning excellent early reviews so this looks to me like the best movie to start your new year.

with and next up is good grief I would  like to take us to Paris for the weekend  we all deserve some Joy yes thank you  where are we staying this is a comedy  drama about a man whose mother and  husband dies so he decides to have a  getaway to Paris with his friends it  stars creek actor Dan Levy and it  is also his directorial debut you can  check it out on January 5th.

 if you find  yourself searching endlessly for good  movies to watch on Netflix why not let  me do the work for you I scour the  depths of Netflix every week to find the  best of the best in every genre so make sure enjoy.

4.boy swallows  Universe 

 the best that Netflix has to offer  then on January 11th is boy swallows  Universe I'm B I got a story what kind  of story it's a crime story this is an  Australian Coming of Age series that  takes place in the 1980s about Eli Bell  a working class youth who enters is's  underworld to save his mother from.

danger it is based on the  semi-autobiographical novel of the same  Name by Trent Dalton then on January  12th is Heist comedy lift we got to  steal it midflight 40,000 ft in the  year we are taking the plane the whole.

plane it's kind of hard to take half  plane it stars Kevin Hart at Cyrus  Whitaker a thief who leads an  international Heist crew to steal $500  million worth of gold from a plane  40,000 ft in in the air this movie was  supposed to be released way back in  August 2023 but is finally seeing the  light of day here in early 2024 on  January 19th is the British sci-fi drama  film.

5.The Kitchen

 The Kitchen it takes place in a  dystopian future London where all social  housing has been eliminated Izzy and  bingi fight to navigate the world as  residents of the kitchen a community  that refuses to abandon their home the  trailer to this looks pretty good and  this could be a hidden gym in January Al  releasing on the 19th is 60 minutes.

 this  is a German martial arts drama about MMA  fighter Octavio who has one hour to make  it to his daughter's birthday party or  he'll lose custody forever to reach her  in time he turns down an important fight  which puts him in a dangerous position with some even more dangerous people  suddenly Octavio isn't only trapped in a  ruthless Race Against Time but also a  Chase through the entire city of Berlin  that pushes him to his limits it's time  for a re Revolution after that is  Masters of the Universe Revolution which  is a spin-off of the Animated Series  Revelation and releases on January 25th.

6.Godmother and the the six episode series

 for the last 3 years grel de Blanco has  owned Miami and last but not least is  gelda a limited series starring Sophia  Vergara as Griselda Blanco a Colombian  drug lord who trafficked cocaine into  Miami dur in the 1970s and80s brisela  was a real life drug lord known as the  Godmother and the the six episode series  is coming to us from the same team that  brought us narcos this looks like it  could be the first grade series of 2024  we can check it out on January 25th.

 if  you made it all the way through the Article  I'd greatly appreciate let's make  2024 a great year everybody I will see  you all soon

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