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Blockbuster Tiger 3 Movie In 2023

Welcome to Pakistan Tiger Bhai Saheb, what have you made, what have you made, this is amazing, amazing, unmatched, rich, what a level match brother, Manish Sharma, Aditya Chopra, Salman Khan, Katna Kaif and especially Emraan Hashmi, it was fun to watch, his look was white.

Baird, he was being hidden a lot because he was being hidden because his looks were very good and look at this poster, a new poster has come in the poster, Emraan Hashmi also made such a great trailer, brother, this is the trailer of the decade, this is such a great trailer, I did not. Saw the mass, this is what people want, this is what people want in the hall, such a film, this action, such tremendous action should be seen, people will come running to the public, will come running and will enjoy, why brother, the trailer of Salman Khan has not come.

Box Office Collection

Salman Khan's action and Emraan Hashmi's voice over, Emraan Hashmi's look, Kaitna Kaif's towel scene, the fight scene, this film will tear, it will tear all the box office, it will tear the pants, it will tear the underwear, I can't tell you all this. What will it tear apart brother? This film will set a lot of fire. Salman Khan show is going to be seen. Brother, this is Salman Khan, this is that hero, this is that actor whose name alone makes a film worth Rs. 100 crores.

He is not needed. Is it someone else's film? Even if he comes alone in the entire film, this film will still earn more than Rs 100 crores. Even if he gets the worst reviews in his Frock film, the film will earn Rs 100 crores, as Aamir Khan said.

Amir Khan Says Salman Khan Every Movie Blockbuster

It was said that Bhai toh kabhi drowning nahi hai, we are going with the right take of Salman Khan because Bhai toh kabhi toh drowning no matter what one says, Bhai will never drown bhai, this Tiger is going to create a lot of ruckus.

Whistles will be heard in the hall, what kind of buzz will it be? This one is brother, Salman Khan had said that it is 10 times better and it is visible in the trailer that its action, its larger than life scale is visible, Salman Khan is of a very big level, he is giving people a career.

Release Date Of Tiger 3 Movie

They change it in a good way as well as in a bad way, but the release date has been chosen wrong. I had told you earlier also that the release date has been chosen completely wrong.

12th November is a very wrong date, brother, it is the day of Diwali. If they don't come, there will be very less half collection in the hall where you can think that it will take an opening of 70800 crores, there only the film can make 35 to 40 crores, it will be a loss, but what to think, do n't you know if it has been done, then what have you said? No, first go and watch Tiger 3 on 12th, then go and make Diwali and if the reviews are very good then it will be very profitable the next day.

It will be very profitable on 13th. It will earn 80 to 100 crores on 13th if it gets very good reviews. Public It got a very good response, even if the reviews are bad, it won't make much difference because Salman Bhai's film does n't care about reviews. That guy has made Race and Dabangg 3 cross 150 crores, so it doesn't matter to Tiger.

If it has to be made then it will be made. If reviews make a difference, public response will make a difference, then this film will cost Rs 100-150 crores.

This film will cost Rs 300-350 crores even with bad reviews, worst reviews, and poor word of mouth. If the reviews are good then it will be the highest. Grossing of the year is going to become all time blockbuster, all time grosser, this film is going to earn Rs. 600 crores net.

10 times better than Ekta Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai

it is going to earn thousand crores in the world wide and this is the film which will beat everyone, both here in India and world wide. This trailer seems to be living up to what Salman Khan had said in Cricket Live that brother, this is 10 times better than Ekta Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai.

And this film will also be true to that because its story is between two people, one is Salman Khan, Salman Khan's team which is Tiger's team and one is Emraan Hashmi, his team who is a big agent of Pakistan, I think. Does he have any connection with Abu Salem? He has said in the voice over that he ruined my entire family, so maybe he has some connection with Abu Salem. Brother, Imran Ashmi's role is going to be very powerful because Imran Ashmi was hidden a lot.

Emraan Hashmi is looking very awesome In Tiger 3 Movie

Yesterday his name was included in the trailer, later it was removed and even today he was shown very little and now in the last scene a scene of his was shown in which Emraan Hashmi is looking very awesome with white veil.

Salman Khan should see everything. Want but I am very eager to see Emraan Hashmi, brother, Emraan Hashmi has his look and role, Emraan Hashmi always gives good performance and I see how well Emraan Hashmi performs, on the other hand, Salman Khan.

The action and Katana Kaif's dance plus the towel scene in which she is fighting is going to be fun to watch, so overall this film is going to be a lot of fun to watch, people want this to whistle, dance and shout and this is that film.

Best Fun, Dance, Action, Romance, Entertainment in Tiger 3 Movie

Which will give you all this, you will get all the fun, dance, action, romance, entertainment, you will get goosebumps in this film, so brother, if you have not seen the trailer of Tiger 3, then watch it, I will put the link below, rest of the things I told you about the main trailer. The main things have been shown by editing on this channel itself, so you also go and watch the trailer full brother, it is a very good trailer, go and watch it in the movie hall, the day advance working will open, I will book the ticket on the first day itself and on the 12th.

On the day of Diwali itself, I will go to Tiger 3 in the morning on 12th and Diwali in the evening, brother, it is going to be a lot of fun, rest tell me how did you like the trailer by commenting.


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