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Wolverine in Deadpool 3

So guys Ryan Reynolds wrecked havoc in multiverse by announcing an update of Deadpool 3. Where he also announced this along with surprise announcement of Deadpool 3 release date, That Hugh Jackman is returning to his Wolverine role.

For some time the actor of Wolverine- Hugh Jackman, And the actor of Deadpool- Ryan Reynolds Kept teeming up to promote their brands. Hugh sometimes promoted Ryan's Aviation gin company, And sometime Ryan used to promote Hugh's Laughing Man coffee company.

But the question was still that will Wolverine will teem up with Deadpool in the future? Ryan Reynolds suddenly dropped a article. In the end when he asks Hugh casually- Will he like to return in Deadpool 3? At the end of which Hugh casually said, "Yes absolutely". Along with which the release date of the movie has been finalized. 6th September 2024. They are not only related to Deadpool and Wolverine. But it will also impact MCU.

Wolverine Was Dead?

This will be the first movie in Phase Six after Avengers Thunderbolts. So let's talk about this in detail. So guys I am Aman Sinha. And today I discuss the appearance of Wolverine in Deadpool movie Will impact Deadpool, Wolverine and MCU.

So keeping spoilers at bay let's start. First question is a simple question. Is not Wolverine dead? It's answer is yes too, And no too.

Wolverine in 2017 Logan movie died undoubtedly. But we should not forget that this movies events were in 2029. Secondly there was always confusion regrading Fox X-Men movies timeline. And thirdly that this Wolverine can be called a variant. Which means surely Wolverine is dead, but we can see a completely new Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

This Wolverine can be the Wolverine after First Class. Or Wolverine from an old timeline. Or he can be Wolverine of Earth 838. We have already met Professor X of that universe.

I would like that Wolverine would be from 838. Because think of it, if the most comic accurate Professor X is in this timeline, Then the most comic accurate Wolverine will also belong here. That too with his yellow and blue costume.

Fox Marvel Merging With MCU

I just got goosebumps. Second question is that- Is Fox X-Men universe and MCU merging? It's answer is simple. We Don't Know. If you observe closely first two Deapool movies don't look like from Fox X-Men universe. The Colossus we saw in Deadpool, Was very different from Colossus from X-Men movies Colossus. We only once get to see whole X-Men cameos.

And they too closed their door. Plus in the first Deadpool movie we probably saw crashed SHIELD Helicarrier. Which does not fit anywhere in Fox X-Men universe. Simply put Deadpool was never a part of X-Men movies. But now this can be brought together through multiverse. Phase 4, 5, and 6 together is Multiverse Saga.

Where impossible crossovers are not difficult. And though Phase 4 could not raise the stake, But one thing is clear. Kevin Fiege and his friends can do anything they want this point.

I mean we have already seen three different Spider-Mans. Wanda has smashed our favorite fan casting. And old X-Men theme are getting used here and there. So obviously showing Deadpool in MCU is not big of a deal. Plus Fox universe merging with MCU is also not a very big deal.

Deadpool In Phase 6

If the question is that will the Deadpool movie will be a part of MCU phases? 6th September 2024 was reserved for the first movie of MCU Phase Six. And now the day has been allotted to Deadpool 3. And that means Deadpool 3 will be the first movie of Phase Six. And it's very close to Fantastic Four release date. Which is releasing in November of the same year.

The actor of Mr. Fantastic- John Krasinski, Who holds a Guinness Book of World Record, Shortest on screen time played by a Marvel character. He said retweeting Ryan's announcement, Wait is this our movie? Should we take this as sarcasm or not? Because at first even the Deadpool update seemed a joke. But now nothing seems like a joke.

If this is not a joke then probably John Krasinski has also confirmed being Reed Richards. Probably. Now the question is that- What will happen in last movie of Phase Five- Thunderbolts movie, That will cause Fox X-Men universe to merge in MCU.

This is also possible that events occurred in Deadpool 3 will be responsible for Fox characters to come into MCU. This will lead to Secret Wars.

Dead Kills Marvel Universe?

Now this is also a question that will Ryan Reynolds use buddy road trip idea for Deadpool and Wolverine? People who don't know I would like to tell them, Ryan Reynolds revealed in 2021, That before Deadpool 3 deal with Disney Fox, They wanted to make a road trip movie featuring Deadpool and Logan. This would have been a Rashomon style movie.

Search about it a little. Here a story is told by many different character's point of view and all three would be very clashing. And I would say there is a chance of this happening. Wolverine had killed X-Mens in Old Man Logan series.

Deadpool had killed X-Men along with Marvel Universe in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. And if they are discussing these events, And we witness Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe on screen, Then tell me what will happen.

Deadpool 3 Will Set up Secret Wars?

Another question is that will this set up Secret Wars? We all know that Multiverse Saga will end with Phase Six. Where Avengers Kang Dynasty will be released in May 2025. And Avengers Secret Wars will be released in November 2025. In Marvel Comic's Secret Wars of 2015, Multiverse is destroyed. And is reformed in Battleworld.

Where we can see variants of all reality. And this is the only thing that can top Avengers Endgame. And for that Hugh's Wolverine will be also needed. But along with Hugh's Wolverine we can also see Tony Stark's different variants.

We were not shown Superior Iron-Man in Multiverse of Madness. We can see many variants of Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers and many other characters. And we should not forget this story is incomplete without MCU's Spider-Man. And we might get to see Spider-Man and Wolverine on screen for the first time.

From Lou Ferrigno's Hulk to Wesley Snipes' Blade, everything is possible here. So obviously if Logan and Wade don't start the Secret Wars, then who will?

Deadpool Wolverine In Avengers?

Next question is that will Deadpool and Wolverine will be seen in upcoming Avengers line up? Deadpool and Wolverine are among those Marvel characters, killing whom is nearly impossible. So even if they are near MCU, then being in Avengers line up for them is very important. In comics Wolverine has given half of his life to X-Men and half to Avengers.

Plus after Secret Wars events Deadpool funded Avengers for their Avengers Unity team from his pocket. So I don't see a problem with them being in the Avengers team. So speak directly Deadpool and Wolverine are made for Avengers. Although this was also discussed that Deadpool should be kept away from MCU, But this was also said for Spider-Man.

But now no one can imagine Spider-Man without MCU. Deadpool and Wolverine teeming up is like a blessing for us fans. So if they will stay after Deadpool 3, then they will be seen in Avengers. Along with Deadpool 3 for Phase Six, Shang Chi is also said to be released in February 2025. So now only six projects left about which we don't know yet. So looking at slate of Phase Six, it seems it's gonna blow our mind.


So guys this was the video on Deadpool and Wolverine teem up update, And it's effects on MCU. And tell me how excited you're for this in comments.

In case if we missed any details or you have a new fact about this article, Please tell us in the comments. Share with our social media handles. WE ARE EVERYWHERE. So guys if you want to see Deadpool killing the whole Marvel Universe, Then I will recommend you our Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe comic series.

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