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Hey guys I'm Yash hey i'm jake last week  jake was nice enough to invite me into a  pre-screening of aquaman it's been a  couple days since we saw it we've had  some time to kind of think about it  Mull it over but yeah initial  impressions so I think that get him out  of the theater.

 I was pretty pumped I  really enjoyed it after the weekend  sitting with a little bit I'm not so  sure anymore I still think it's a good  movie but I would say it hasn't really  left a lasting impression on me in the  way that other movies maybe like  infinity war or even a Deadpool but I so  think there's a lot of good in it I'm  curious what you think yeah I think  that's totally fair.

 I think that Jake  and I and I'm sure many of you had the  same apprehensions going in the DC  movies haven't been batting a thousand  far from it Aquaman is not notorious for  being the most interesting superhero  he's usually very like buttoned up very  serious right that's my sort of  impression of him at least I'm like the  cartoon what do you so serious about  dude it's fish with Jason Momoa you kind  of expect something a little more goofy.


  Game of Thrones characters one thing but  his persona as an actor is much more  like laid-back fun I think so you're  totally looking for that and I think  they deliver on that it's something a  fun movie yeah it's very fun and you're  right he provides some of the comic  relief in the Justice League movie and  he's definitely I think a new  interpretation of Aquaman that we  haven't seen before but yeah I went in  very nervous that it was going to be  super lackluster and just kind of fine  it was crazy fun I think it was more fun  than it had any right to be there was a  lot of really fun.

 Adventure Scenes

Scenes I love the  globe-trotting adventure that Jason  Momoa Amber Heard who plays mera go on  to try to like find the ancient trident  I don't to get into any spoilers but  that's like the very basic setup with  the movie that's raised like some genre  shifting yeah there's like some Indiana  Jones style like temple raiding stuff  unexpectedly yeah and then we get this  really cool fight scene in Sicily  beautiful setting and they're like  running around running over roofs the  Atlanteans show up and he's like really  weird cool like power suits yeah  Ranger ask ya Plus.

Black Manta

 This brings us to  I think the highlight of moved from me  Black Manta  I thought the act was amazing the  character was awesome the way they  designed his suit and everything super  cool they set up this really interesting  dynamic between him and Aquaman from the  beginning he has a real real vengeance  story to Weis fight fighting Aquaman and  then there's the other villain Patrick  Wilson Oy it was a really interesting  character two really good actor yeah  he's bad but you kind of identify with  them a little bit because he is blaming  humanity for like poisoning the ocean  and killing each other and all these  things yeah I get that yeah  but then a second later he's just like  betraying everyone of being a real real  big so yeah you won't have a hard time  rooting against him.

 I was really glad  that they involved Black Manta because I  was worried that they were gonna do what  Marvel does for origin stories which is  make the villain just a bad version of  the hero which was what Patrick Wilson  right exactly so they had that in there  but they also had like a cool different  yeah a cool different still ocean themed  but like different motives different  backgrounds different powers Finland  which I thought was really cool and it  did not at all feeling it was biting off  too much I don't think so I definitely  think it was it's a long movie yeah.

 it's  not boring but it's not it's not gonna  fly by you are gonna notice you're in  the theatre for two and a half hours  nothing that's necessarily a bad thing I  think there's some movies where you're  like that was 2 and 1/2 hours I barely  even noticed some we were just like I  can't even be here anymore this is right  in the middle it earns 2 and a half  hours but it doesn't fly by I would say  it yeah I think you're right and they  maybe could have chopped some stuff out  yeah but I still had fun how do you  think it stacks up against some Marvel  movies we've seen.


 yeah we definitely  inject a little bit of that Marvel style  especially when it comes to the sort of  like fantastical world's when they bring  you to Atlantis it's just like it feels  very much to me like guardians of the  galaxy were just like there's like  incredible huge fantastical worlds that  you've never seen before and they're so  perfectly visualized to really yours  getting a taste but you really get the  sense of like the scope of this thing  yeah Atlantis was like magical like it  was so cool it's such a foreign  landscape.

 I think you did a really good  job of trying to be a comic-book movie  especially the fight scene in Sicily  felt very fun maybe a little bit lower  stakes but still actioning  my bookie and not too dark and gritty  yeah I think that's been really a big  issue with DC's whole thing that's  actually like we're 10 years out from  Dark Knight which sort of set the tone  for the whole DC movie universe they've  basically been trying to emulate.

 what  Christopher Nolan did for 10 years with  like mixed results  yeah and so yeah I think it was great  that the director came in and just sort  of said we're gonna do something totally  different I think there was a script  that Zack Snyder had put together and  they sort of ditched that and they're  like into our own movie if you can make  it fun but we're stalking them it's  gonna feel like a comic book that's a  good point like what you said it feels  like a comic book movie at the cinema.

 so  they feel like a DC movie yeah which i  think is probably in the current climate  of DC movies a good thing yeah in some  ways it's not as good as Wonder Woman  Wonder Woman was like a very high bar oh  yeah I agree I think it did not meet  that bar I think the ending of Aquaman  does a better justice to the rest of the  movie Hawkman then the ending of Wonder  Woman did justice to the movie yeah the  ending is I'm not gonna spoil if the  ending is really bad us it's a huge epic  battle with all these different armies  and yeah a lot of fun it's very very  cool.

Origin Story

 I'm one of my points which I'm a  little conflicted on this the the origin  story so this is an origin story even  though it takes place after Justice  League right we do get his full  backstory and where he came from you see  him as like a little kid there's like a  few different actors playing young Jason  Momoa throughout the years singers for  different yeah man actors plus we got to  see his sort of rise to be really become  Aquaman I'm not really sure whether  that's necessary I do think they could  have probably cut 30 minutes of origin  story and the movie would have been fine  without.

 it  maybe the Aquaman deserves it I think  you know Marvel got plenty of time to  sort of give everyone their backstories  and we all you know accepted it and if  DC wants to do that I think they're  doing fine job so Jake for the superhero  and comic book movie fans out there what  would you say to a fan that might be  weary about walking into or spending  their money on.

  I think it's worth it if you're a fan of  these movies even if you haven't liked  the past few DC movies you'll enjoy it  it's fun it's worth seeing in theaters  because it's really this like huge epic  cinematic journey and you're not gonna  get that as much if you watch it on your  computer when it comes out on Netflix  I'm like a year or whatever maybe the  only reason not to see it is if you  really do love these like more edgy DC  movies and you're just like a Dark  Knight  diehard then this is not really gonna  deliver on that it's not that gritty.

 it's it's a lot of fun and if you're  into that you'll enjoy this moment yeah  that last end scene dude you want to see  it cool thanks linked thanks for uh  thanks so guys if you liked this review  or if you watch Aquaman.

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