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The Equalizer 3 is once again directed  by Antoine Fuqua and stars Denzel  Washington and here Robert McCall finds  himself at home in southern Italy but he  discovers his friends are under the  control of local crime bosses as events  turn deadly McCall knows what he has to  do become his friend's protector by  taking on the mafia I enjoyed both of the earlier equalizer films Naturally, Denzel Washington is one of my all-time favorite performers, and I believe that Antoine Fuqua is one of the greatest and most underappreciated directors working today.

I must admit that, despite the fact that both of the Equalizer films are extremely violent, I was looking forward to seeing Equalizer 3 and I think it's better than the first two.

 but  three just might take the cake it is so  brutal and so gory I was actually kind  of surprised even though I was expecting  the gore this film as well as the two  previous do something at this budget  level and with this star and director  power that is nowadays usually found in  Bargain Bin straight to VOD action  movies and that is tell a story about.

Our Character

 A man who just wants some peace and quiet  and the people who keep getting in the  way of said peace and quiet and then we  watch him dispatch all of those people  and increasingly violent ways in the 70s  and 80s these kind of movies were very  popular you saw a lot of them in the 90s  too but nowadays you don't get a lot of  badass guy does badass things because  somebody crossed him the wrong way  there's an endless pile of movies like  that and an extreme quantity of them are  bad but the equalizer movies are good  because Antoine Fuqua is genuinely a  masterful filmmaker.

Our Story

 I would never dare  to say that this Trilogy is masterful  but I think that Antoine Fuqua knows  exactly where to put the camera to  maximize not just the violence but the  character and Denzel Washington is  always going to be incredible in  everything that he does this is not a  person who usually does sequels or  franchises or film series of any kind  the fact that he's come back for three  of these and the fact that Antoine Fuqua  still enjoys making them tells you that  these guys really like what they're  doing and you can see it on screen  because Washington is still endlessly  charismatic he has a scene in this film  that gave me goosebumps the hair on my  arms was standing up.

Just Surprises

 I think once the  movie is available to the public it will  be uploaded to YouTube and will probably  be called the I understand scene  he's just so good in this film and as a  fan of Man on Fire I have to say that it  was very nostalgic to see Dakota Fanning  and Denzel Washington in a movie  together again and they still have  excellent chemistry the one thing about  the movie that I think holds it back  from being even better is really the  same thing that holds the entire Trilogy  back from being better and that's that  Robert McCall is rarely challenged  physically he's just kind of perfect at  everything and nobody ever expects him  to do the things that he does he's kind  of like a ghost he just surprises all of  the bad guys because they don't expect.

  it to come from him this movie is  missing what the Bourne films have when  someone sees Jason Bourne what do they  say you know what they say Jesus Christ  that's Jason Bourne because he has a  reputation people know what he can do  he's someone to be feared since Robert  McCall isn't really known to the public  people can mess with him and then he he  can just show up in their houses and  kill them and they didn't expect that to  happen so when it comes to the action.

  the physicality of the character he's  lacking vulnerability he's really really  good at what he does and nobody ever  really challenges him but their  vulnerability comes in the emotional  side of the character where you see that  he does care about people and he just  wants to protect people but I do think  this film and the other two would be  even better.

Equalizer 3 Cool Scenes

 if there was an aspect of  this character where people knew who he  was and so they didn't mess with him as  much and they could actually prepare for  a battle against this guy and kind of  know that he's coming for them I guess  an equalizer too Pedro Pascal's  character did that a little bit and so  that was kind of cool but this movie  just has like a loner guy in Sicily.

 who  is like I'm gonna kill all these people  and they're just like sure do it  but not for a second did that stop me  from enjoying this extremely  well-directed very fun movie with  another great performance from Denzel  Washington guys thank you so much as  always for watching I hope you see the  movie let me know.


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