Top 20 New Best Hollywood Movies On Netflix, Amazon Prime Must Watch Before You Die!


I swear, I'm telling you I'm also bored like you. I've seen so much stardom in 2023. Now I want movies that will shock,   surprise and satisfy me with 100% quality content. Today's review we will do 2023's 100% quality Top 20 Hollywood movies.

Top 20 Hollywood Movies You Must Watch 

 Let's start with number 20, Adult Drama Just watch the 5-minute adult  scene from its starting. You have never seen such adult scene anywhere. It's not like just watch the movie for such adult scenes. It's not like that. There is psychological drama in the movie. How jealousy is born between two lovers for promotion. And how does it affect their relationship? Is shown in such detail. It's not slow at all. If it is, I will tell you earlier. Very good Hindi dubbing on Netflix. An average IMDb rating of 6.4  given by 32,000 people.

In This Movie Acting is on god level

 On number 19, recently on Netflix, Disaster Supernatural Drama. 1.5 lakh people gave a rating of 6.5. So it will be something. But before starting the movie, let me tell you that it is very slow. A family's story who has come  for a vacation Strange things are happening. Sometimes a big container ship  is coming near the sea. Sometimes all the animals in the jungle  are outside the house. aliens come to the earth or someone  did a cyber-attack? We don't understand anything. But at that time, how a person struggles for survival, you will enjoy watching that. Acting is on god level, but it is slow. "Something is wrong here" "and I don't trust them." Full-on mystery available on Netflix. There are no dialogues in the  number 18 movie.

 The whole movie is completely silent. But despite this, you understand everything. I generally like the movies on aliens. But now I am getting bored. The same aliens come and do disasters. But in this movie, the aliens have attacked. But the story only moves around one girl. The alien enters her house and hunting her. But they have messed with the wrong girl. The movie is very underrated. There are some scary scenes of aliens that you will get that brutal and gore  the fear you get from dangerous movies you'll more than that from this movie.

A perfect balance of emotion and action Movie Must watch

 On IMDb, 58,000 people gave an average rating of 6.3. Available on Disney+ Hotstar The female version of John Wick. A perfect balance of emotion and action. And this movie is also my favorite because when a girl does the action, then we get a kick on a different level. Our heroine, who has nothing to lose in life. But she has one friend. And when human trafficking blackmailing  happens with her friend. Because of this she kills herself. Then her mind goes crazy. She herself becomes a prostitute and enters their syndicate. She kills everyone, but the build-up of the villain is very strong  in the beginning. and in the end, they ruined it. "I have to do something for her." "I will hunt him." But only 1.5 hour long movie. 100% with a good Hindi dubbing watch it on Netflix.

Horror Mystery 1.5 lakh people gave an average rating of 6.5 on IMDb

 At number 16, Horror Mystery 1.5 lakh people gave an average rating of 6.5 on IMDb. There is some supernatural power in the sky Which is hidden. Or is it an animal or a UFO. That has to be exposed. So brothers and sisters plan together. They install CCTV and call everyone. This just has to be exposed. Because their life's been turned into hell by this supernatural power. Now what is hidden behind the clouds? You will enjoy it a lot watching that. But the movie is not for everyone. It is a Jordan Peele movie. So it takes some time to build up  in the beginning. But there are some scary scenes which will keep on roaming in your mind at night even after finishing the movie. Available on Netflix Movies that inspired were almost equal to none last year. 

This Movie Inspired by a true story a story of such a girl 

I liked one of them the most. Around 9000 people gave an average rating of 6.8 on IMDb. Inspired by a true story a story of such a girl Who wants to become the youngest sailor  at the age of 16. She wants to travel the entire world. And she has to do this whole journey alone. "If dyslexia dominated you" "then you'll be lost in the middle  of the sea." 1 hour 50 minutes long, UA certified, a very good movie. You can watch it with your whole family. There is a scene, My God! Her little ship turns upside down inside the water. And the camera also rotates with it. The whole, I mean... I won't give you much spoilers. That was the best scene. 

 Inspired by the true story of such a gamer Which makes the story feel impossible

At number 14 is one of the best  VFX movies of last year. 76000 people gave an average rating of 7.2 on IMDb. Inspired by the true story of such a gamer Which makes the story feel impossible. A gamer who is driving a car sitting  on the sofa at home. They want to pick him up and put him in a real race on an F1 car. My God! That training, that VFX, graphics those car chase scene filled with thrill. It was fun. "How does it feel to use your feet" "for the first time in your life?" Available on Netflix with a very good  Hindi dubbing. You can watch it with your whole family.

it will touch you emotionally if you are a fan of Steven Spielberg

 The number 13 is only for those who like director Steven Spielberg. 1 lakh plus IMDb users gave it  a rating of 7.5. According to me, the world's number 1 director. Steven Spielberg made a movie on himself. In his childhood, while living in the ups  and downs of his family. He learned movie, and filmmaking. And he didn't join any such school. He just took the camera and started making short films. It is one of the least-earned movie of this guy. But brother, it will touch you emotionally if you are a fan of Steven Spielberg. is available in Hindi.

 We like movies related to the stock market You Can Must Watch

 We like movies related to the stock market. Or it's related to money laundering. 15-20 years ago, there was such a financial influencer. Who put his bet on a lame mare. Meaning, the company that  is going to shut down he invested his money on penny stock. And obviously, with that everyone's  money will also sink. But that didn't happen. From there, the movie gives you a big lesson related to money. 6.9 average IMDb rating from 24,000 people. Available on Amazon Prime. A movie made in 30 million. Earned 20 million on the box office. It flopped on the box office. But not in the content at all. Share this movie with that  stock market friend. 

 He makes top quality content at a very low budget in This Movie

Number 11 movie, brother Millions of praises to Gerard Butler. This guy finds diamonds from coal mine. He makes top quality content at a very low budget. The plane crashes on such an island which is already controlled by terrorists. Double problem on top of problem. Now, how does Gerard Butler get everyone out of this problem? Or does he himself get martyred? Adventure, action, thrill Everything is in the movie. I swear to you. I said it, You have to watch it. The name of the movie 74,000 people have given an average  6.5 rating on IMDb. With very good Hindi dubbing is available on Amazon Prime. You can also watch it with family.

There are such visuals if your mind can tolerate such movies

 Before the number 10 recommendation, I give a warning. In 2023, the most gore, brutal,  and blood filled... My God! Take care. There are such visuals if your mind can tolerate such movies,  only then watch it. I mean, we have not seen brutality on children today. Spanish supernatural horror, 20,000 people have given an average 7 rating on IMDb.  So much brutality, Brother, the movie has been banned  from every country. So, brother, it will not be available on OTT

 that hunger  for suspense and thrill me in This Movie

The number 9 movie has filled that hunger  for suspense and thrill in me. Its first part was called Searching. It was outstanding. In which the girl disappears. The whole movie is a recording of the desktop. The entire movie revolves around the iPhone ecosystem. In this movie, a girl finds her mother Sitting at home. That too, using the iPhone ecosystem. Now, how it is shown is interesting to watch. The name of the movie 55,000 people have given a rating of 7.1. You can also watch it with the movie with  family available on Netflix. It has a good Hindi dubbing.

 I liked it more than Evil Dead Movie 

 On number 8, I think it is the best  horror movie of 2023. I liked it more than Evil Dead. They have to hold this hand statue  and say "Talk to me". After that, a soul enters you for 90 seconds. And it possesses and after that, the things we get to see, brother. Literally cutting her own body, with nails. I mean, after seeing that, it feels a little weird, but it's fun. "Talk to me"  The movie is extremely adult. On Amazon Prime, with a very good  Hindi dubbing.

There is no time pass in the movie

 The number 7 movie will make you feel nostalgia. In childhood, you must have played Tetris game on your controller. How that game is stolen from the Russians and distributed to the whole world  by an American. The whole story is around that and what a movie it is, brother. 77,000 people have given an average  7.4 IMDb rating. There is no time pass in the movie. Character build-up and everything nothing is there. Direct thrill and mystery suspense starts. Available on Apple+ TV, nothing is adult.

close your eyes and watch it this movie its action scenes are top class

 Number 6 movie, close your eyes and watch it, you will 100% like it. Because it is not a typical fantasy action movie. Its VFX is top class, its action scenes are top class, its adventure is top class. More than 2 lakh people have given an average rating of 7.3 on IMDb. Our hero makes a gang and goes to steal. Everyone has their own superpower. But brother, stealing at the thief's house? "You've made a plan" "If this plan fails then I'll make  another plan." Before

Look, survival is my favorite genre 

 the number 5 movie, I was thinking that what is it  in Air Jordans Shoes? That they are sold for 20-40 thousand or even lakh rupees. But this movie explained everything to me. 30 years back from now, the sinking Nike company takes a fight with Adidas. How did they sign deals with Michael Jordan. The whole story and the performance of Matt Damon, top class biographical drama, It is available on Amazon Prime, you can also watch it with your family. Look, survival is my favorite genre. That's why I went deep into it and watched all the movies. But then a movie comes on Netflix, after watching it, it feels like we haven't  seen anything till now. 

My God! I was shocked to see it. Literally in this movie

If you liked the movie DUNKI, then its concept is also something like that. But it is more realistic and has a very extreme level of scenes. A girl is stuck in a big container in the middle of the Ocean. And on top of that, she is pregnant and the baby is delivered there. Now she has to survive alone. My God! I was shocked to see it. Literally, the baby is being born in the water, everything is shown, nothing is hidden. According to that, it is very much an adult. Don't go to its IMDB rating. 30,000 people gave an average rating of 6.3. No brother, this movie deserves a 9 out of 10. "I'm not on the ship, Niko" "What do you mean you're not on the ship?" With very good Hindi dubbing.

 Before the top 3 movies,  Now look in Hollywood, War movies had become a famine. At that time, a movie comes. Inspired by the true story, in the middle of Afghanistan's war, how an Afghan saves an American soldier by carrying him on his shoulder  for 100 kilometers. And in his return, when this American soldier wants to do something good for him, then the situation goes out of control. The movie is emotional, there are outstanding action scenes.

 Until the end, you keep feeling that will this mission be complete or will everything end here? You can also watch it UA certified with family. With very good Hindi dubbing on Amazon Prime, The way we saw VFX in the Hanuman movie under 50 crores, which made Adipurush's VFX team naked. 

 It's filled with emotions. You might even cry at one point

 Similarly, a movie made in only 100 million on AI, which made the whole of Marvel  and Hollywood naked. Action, adventure, The Creator, more than 1 lakh people gave it an average rating of 6.8.  And watching the movie, you will feel that the way we are using AI, the future is going to be something like this. Artificial intelligence versus humans. Action, adventure, available on  Disney+ Hotstar. You can watch it with the whole family. It's filled with emotions. You might even cry at one point. 

my tolerance level is very high. I am not able to cry so fast

Before the number one movie, I have cried so much after  watching this movie. And normally, my tolerance level is very high. I am not able to cry so fast. But this movie made me feel that if something like this happens to my child. Now see, all this happens with full planning. They take an audition saying you will get work in the TV serial, Poor children come to the auditions and they disappeared overnight. 

Now as they are poor children, they don't pay much attention to them. Where did they disappear? Who took them? But these small, innocent children are sold  into child trafficking. They are literally auctioned. Seeing that, my soul was so angry  from the inside that I was completely shaken. And how a police officer exposes it, his entire journey. It is a very sensitive and disturbing topic. That's why it is not available on any OTT.

 The scenes are also very disturbing. Around 1 lakh people have given it  an average rating of 7.7. The movie is made in just 14 million and it has crossed 250 million. Tell us in the comments your best Hollywood movie of 2023. Tell us in the comments what topic should be our next video on. Click on the right video for unique concept of Netflix's web series and click on the left one for  the previous video. Thank you so much. Love you, Take care. Bye-bye.

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