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welcome back friends, the film which will be talked about today is Vidhu Vinod Chopra directed Bollywood drama film and it has been released only yesterday i.e. on 27th October, some films are watched for time pass, after watching some films sometimes- Sometimes the direction of life changes, such a heart touching film is 12 Fail.

Star Cast Of 12th Fail Movie

12 Fail Movie of Star cast Main Actors Check in The following below:

       Medha Shankar                  Vikrant Massey                 Sanjay Bishnoi

        Anant V Joshi             Anshumaan Pushkar                 Priyanshu Chatterjee


Is 12 fail movie a true story?

The best-selling book by Anurag Pathak, which tells the true tale of Manoj Kumar Sharma, who passed the UPSC test on his fourth and final attempt to become an IPS officer in spite of financial difficulties, is the basis for the film 12th Fail.

The movie, which is based on Anurag Pathak's book, tells the story of a man who failed his 12th grade exam but succeeded in passing the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) by pure determination. Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi's lives serve as the basis for the movie.

12th Fail Movie Budget?

With a budget of between ₹6 and ₹8 crores, Vikrant Massey's "12th Fail" has made ₹48.68 crores in India and ₹60.03 crores worldwide. It's a small movie with a small cast, not much promotion, and hype, but it's done well at the box office. Despite being released concurrently with Kangana's "Tejas," this film has managed to achieve popularity and is regarded as a hit by industry insiders. Although the movie has done well, we believe it to be a full-fledged blockbuster because its opening weekend gross of less than ₹1 crore was much higher than anticipated.

12th Fail Movie Collection?

According to Sacnilk, the film, which cost about ₹20 crore to make, made ₹66.5 crore worldwide in its 52-day theatrical run. Manoj Kumar Sharma, the main character, is played by actor Vikrant Massey. The narrative centers on Sharma's journey from being a "12th fail" to becoming an IPS officer.

12th Fail Full Movie Legit Review? 

Now I am coming to the decode section of its story. Friends,Vinod Chopra's film 12th Fail is an inspirational story of an IPS officer who failed in the 12th class exam. After this, he did odd jobs, slept only three hours every night and restarted himself four times without stopping to pass the UPSC exam. It is not easy to pass the exam of the country's most prestigious institution Union Public Service Commission i.e. UPSC. 

It is not only difficult but it is not for the weak people. Be it studies or faith or strong faith, this exam breaks you many times on both the fronts. It is this fight that makes the story of Manoj Kumar Sharma i.e. Vikrant Massey extraordinary. A boy from the village of Chambal in Madhya Pradesh fails in the 12th exam because the new DSP Dushyant Singh i.e. Priyanshu Chatterjee stops teachers from making students cheat in the board exam.

 Manoj passes the board exam with third division the next year. He reaches Delhi to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. He has the dedication required for this exam but does not have the study skills to do so. He does not even know that there is such a thing as UPSC or IPS profile. How Manoj further realizes his dream with the help of his guru i.e. 

Anshuman Pushkar, friends and girlfriend Shraddha Joshi i.e. Medha Shankar, the film narrates this story. You have to watch the film to see his struggle becoming an achievement. Now I come to the actors. On the performance and many technical aspects, Vidhu Vinod Chopra is an excellent film maker and he has proved this once again. Every track of 12th Fail is a story in itself, Manoj's misguided youth, not knowing right from wrong, his struggle and Starting from zero every time, as an audience, you feel yourself involved in Manoj's success or failure.

When he goes for the final stage interview of UPSC , the tension of the curtain increases in your mind as well. The calm atmosphere and the background score make you feel your breath. I also feel that the story of the film flows in a very smooth and simple manner.

 It reminds those who idolize stalwarts like APJ Abdul Kalam and BR Ambedkar. Get Educated, Agitated, Get Organized. The film also focuses on this very closely. Throws light on why corrupt politicians want the youth of the society to remain stupid so that they can be suppressed and played on them. On the acting front, Vikrant Massey has played his role with complete confidence. There is anger in him, he is helpless, he is determined that he will die only by turning the flow of time as per his wish.

 Priyanshu Chatterjee has left a mark for this character even in his small role as DSP. His honesty is the real bravery. His skill as an artist is worth seeing in the scene where he meets Manoj as his senior officer. His reaction here shows respect for a senior officer and inspires a youth to choose the right path. The one who is going to do it is excellent. Geeta Sharma and Harish Khanna as Manoj's parents have also left their mark in small roles. 

Story, screen play, dialogue is excellent, it reaches directly from heart to heart, meaning it touches the heart. Duration is 146 minutes Actually, this film is based on the 12th failed novel, the writer of which is Anurag Pathak, the story is originally written by him, it is supported by Vidu Vinod Chopra, the music is average by Shantanu Mahitra, which means it is according to the film but is not popular and trending. Cinematography Ranga Rajan Ram Badran's editing is absolutely fantastic. Editing by Kuwar Kohli and Vidu Vinod Chopra is super sharp, meaning absolutely sharp and crisp.

 Now coming to the final section, meaning should I watch the film or not? My Verdict: 12th Fail is a film which must be watched. Must be seen, you can keep it in the category of top class films. In its 146 minutes run time, every scene of the film impresses and inspires you.

How To Watch 12th Fail Movie?

According to Gaurav Banerjee of Disney+ Hotstar, 12th Fail has been performing "phenomenally well" and has a strong viewer connection on the platform. Since its December 29 OTT premiere onDisney+ Hotstar, the film 12th Fail, which was helmed by renowned Bollywood filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, has gained immense popularity.


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