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what's up everybody today i am here to  talk about what if series i'm probably  not going to be reviewing every single  episode but i can have a pretty good  idea of how the show is going to go by  the first episode and if you guys really  want i could just give my overall  thoughts at the very end when i've  watched all of them but let me know if  you want me to do every single episode i  can do that as well but if you don't  know anything about what if well it's a  based on the comic books it's actually  really fun they're just playing with the  idea what if a superhero did this  instead of that what if you know.


it's  just i think it's very relatable because  i don't know about you but i'm always  thinking what if i hadn't gone what if i  went that way instead of that way i  think it's something that  it's fun to play with this idea  and uh  but let's talk about the very first  episode i will be discussing spoilers  here so if you haven't had a chance to  see it yet just be aware that i will  discuss spoilers so the first episode  what if agent carter was the first  avenger now we all we we know the first  avenger was steve rogers and  on this particular episode agent carter  takes the serum instead of uh steve  rogers and it's kind of sad to see steve  being put to the side but like i said  this is a show.

 that is just playing with  the idea of what if and  on its own i don't think it would have  been a problem to have agent carter be  the first avenger but i felt that they  did something really weird here which is  they basically took  her face and put on a captain american's  body and i know that uh steve rogers he  became very buff when he took the serum  but the latest  serum actually is not doing that to  people right did you notice that  it's only the first one which is fine  but i think that even though i'm okay  with her being a little buffer when you  take that serum i don't think.

 they  should have made her that masculine i  just don't understand  i didn't really like it and it to me it  was very distracting because it was  basically they just took her face and  put on captain americans body i mean  she's a female there is no problem with  her being a little more feminine not it  does not have to look like a man like  that i just that was very distracting to  me you know uh that's why i really like  the amazons from dc uh because you know  they're warriors they're badass and  they're  they're not portrayed like that at least  that's the kind of idea that.

i have you  know that's why i really love wonder  woman i think she's really awesome she's  feminine but we don't need to have  her look like a man you know she could  even have that suit but i don't think  they  i don't know that was very distracting  to me uh overall uh  like i said if this was on its own i  have no problem we're just playing with  the idea.

 what if she took it instead of  him  and uh  she is a really strong captain america i  mean she's not captain america she's  british so she even the flag right it  was not the american flag so perhaps  she's going to be captain britain i'm  i'm not sure what are they going to do  that but it's just the first episode uh  so we the animation uh i thought the  animation was just okay it was not like  something i really enjoyed and was like  whoa i thought the he-man animation was  better even though i didn't like the  story there but i didn't really i was i  wasn't very impressed with the animation  but i did like the voice work.

 i think  the voice work was really good steve  rogers was not the same voice so i'm  pretty sure chris evan did not uh dubbed  him because it was just not him  so no problem with the voice acting any  of that my biggest problem was just the  fact that well she looked very masculine  and it was definitely done to prove a  point you know for instance throughout  the whole show she's just facing a lot  of these really  bad man.


just think she can't be a  soldier which doesn't make any sense i  mean if she took the serum of course she  would be a strong soldier you don't even  need to have her  huge like that it was just so  distracting you know she could have been  a little cuter why not  i don't understand  the notion that in order for you to be  strong or to be a warrior you need to  look like a man of course that has to do  with body mass  that's why  uh physically men are stronger mostly  you know  you guys  what how can i say how can i explain  myself i just think that uh if she took  the serum and she looked a little more  like let's say wonder woman i'll be more  appreciative of the episode i just don't  like that they buff her up to the point  where she actually looks like a man even  though  i don't know i was just very distracting  and i was like i  wish i hadn't done that and i saw a lot  of memes and they were hilarious a lot  of people were talking about it as well  and i had to agree.

 i didn't think it was  the best um  she's also facing like i said a lot of  like bad men around her they don't  really trust her but she's amazing she  does all these awesome things  and i mean on the idea itself it's  totally fine they're just playing with  what if  she was the first avenger i don't have a  problem with it but i did not like the  fact that they buff her up  uh to look like a man you know even  though they're just trying to say well  all men here are bad apart from steve  rogers he's good uh but he's very weak  looking you know sad to see that  but  yeah i wasn't too excited about this  show i gotta be honest we have to see  what's happening next i just hope this  is not just this  the stuff that marvel is just being like  oh we hate all men that's just the  female strong blah blah blah yeah it's i  just hope that they  they choose balance instead of stuff  like this because i heard a lot of  people are mad at loki as well because  they brought in the female loki i  thought the whole loki was so weird that  show that's why i didn't even review it  i was like  there's certain things i liked but it  was just it's it's just.

 i'm not sure if marvel is going to go  back to what he was you know what i mean  after  uh we were done with phase one you know  with the whole is it called phase one  i'm always  messing messing this up but anyways the  first ten years i think you were the  best we had great films but going  forward uh  i don't know if these things are going  to be any good i'm actually excited for  thor love and thunder because i love  chris evans chris eva chris hemsworth  vivian come on uh and and uh  i just hope that they just don't go on  this route is the  female strong equals  men need to be destroyed and they just  have to be  you know give me my heroes i like  watching strong men too you know.

 i have  no problem with the strong female we  could have both  we don't need to make the man super weak  and unattractive in order for the female  to shine you know man was never worried  about that  when they were creating films so why do  now whoever is making this i have to be  worried oh the men needs to look weak  weak  so the women can shine  i just think it is the wrong formula and  i believe this is  just not good uh so yes definitely  wasn't a big fan  uh i'll check it out.

 i can review the  episodes if you guys want drop your  comments down below let me know  otherwise i'll just probably just give  my overall thoughts to ours towards the  very end but no it was not a show that i  really enjoyed but that's it that is my  review drop your comments down below i'd  love to hear your thoughts if you  enjoyed this video don't forget to hit  that thumbs up subscribe for more and  i'll see you next time


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Hayley Atwell
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Jeffrey Wright                                     
Karen Gillan


The total number of episodes in Season 2 was 9, just like in Season 1. The opening chapter of What If...? The second season started on December 22, 2023. Subsequently, the show aired one episode per day for a few days until its conclusion with the ninth episode, "What If,"


What If...? Season 2 started on December 22, 2023, and it features a number of new characters, including Nebula and superhero Kahhori. The first MCU entry in the multiverse was Season 1 of What If...?


Based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name, the second season of the American animated anthology series What If...? examines multiple alternate histories that depict what may have happened if significant events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films had happened in a different way.


Disney Plus will allow you to watch and stream the episodes of Marvel's What If? Season 2.


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