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Introduction Of Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse Review

Alright! So Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse has come. And Sony has almost ruined this cinematic experience for me. Since the release of the movie, I have been avoiding the TV spots for this movie. I don't know how, but whenever I see the name of the movie on the internet, I scroll through it. If I see any trailer or TV spots, I close my eyes. But when I sit in the theater, I see two TV spots of the movie. What kind of marketing strategy is this?

I don't understand the idea behind it

I have come to watch the movie. You don't need to promote this. And also, spoiling so many cameos in the thumbnail of YouTube in so many TV spots, I don't understand the idea behind it. May God bless Sony that the movie is literal fire.

No, I am not kidding. Let's talk about this one by one. So Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse is basically the sequel of Into The Spider-Verse. Which continues the story of Miles Morales and expands the series. Basically, the story of Across The Spider-Verse is the same as we have seen in trailers, TV spots, and a thousand million crore clips with spoilers. Miles Morales is trying to live his superhero and normal life. That's when Gwen Stacy enters his life and takes him on a multiversal adventure.

give a logical reason behind it.

Where Miguel O'Hara has already gathered a team of many Spider-People. You will get to know why and how he has done it after watching the movie. But suddenly, a sort of rivalry starts between Miles and Miguel. You will get to know the reason behind it after watching the movie. But they have tried to give a logical reason behind it. And it kind of makes sense.

The Spider-Verse was a very underrated movie

When that thing is explained to you in the movie, you get confused for a moment that it is true. But what is the purpose behind Spider-Man? Because if you pick up Spider-Man's comic book, the biggest lesson behind it is that with great powers comes great responsibility and the movie is a huge question mark on it.

And this is the best part of it. Now, those who have seen the movie will understand what I am talking about. Into The Spider-Verse was a very underrated movie in its time.

completely different animation style

And many people didn't watch it. But I liked it more than Across The Spider-Verse. First of all, we will talk about its animation. So I had said earlier that after watching its trailers, it is clear that multiple animation styles have been used in it. Because we are seeing different universes of the multiverse in it. And every universe has a different animation style.

For example, Gwen Stacy's universe has a completely different animation style. And it looks absolutely beautiful. The colors used in it seem like watercolors. And each color is used to signify emotion. For example, if someone is hugging someone, the room is suddenly filled with colors.

Next level of creativity

Or if someone has a difference of opinion, a whole frame is divided for that. And that shows the level of creativity that you want to portray in your scene. But if there is another anomaly in Gwen's universe, the way of portraying it is completely different. You will understand that it doesn't belong to her universe. And the same thing goes for our Pavitra Prabhakar's universe.

About the characters

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Full Movie-mp4moviez2

But the thing I liked the most was Miles' universe. In Into The Spider-Verse, Miles' universe was shown the most. I mean, Earth 1610. And it was very beautiful to look at. But in this movie, it is shown even better. Then if we talk about the characters of the movie, this movie expands its characters even more. The main focus of the movie is obviously Miles Morales. But other than that, the focus is on other characters as well. Which is actually very good to see.

And the movie plays with emotions. I mean, you feel emotional for other characters other than Miles. And you relate to them. I mean, there are a lot of scenes where Miles Morales is not there. And his story is not there. But still, you feel it for other characters. And that is what I loved about the movie. The movie forces you to think about other characters.

you miss out on a lot of things

Who don't even have that movie. And the movie has a lot of characters. And obviously, you won't be able to understand everyone. You won't be able to see everyone. You won't be able to know everyone. Because if it's a story of multiverse, then to understand and see so many characters at once, in fact, it's difficult to comprehend. So this happens in the movie.

In the second half, there is a whole sequence. In which you have to see and understand so many characters at once. And if you try to take in, then you miss out on a lot of things. But that is actually the part of the madness. After seeing this, I thought, Yes! This is what Multiverse of Madness should look like. Then in the first half of the next movie, it establishes the characters.

the movie takes you to the next level

I mean, basically, you will understand this in the first half. That the pace at which the movie is moving, according to that, you won't be able to see the conclusion of this story in this movie. Because in the first half, the characters have been established.

Their motivations have been explained. And somehow, somewhere, that thing fits in this movie quite well. But the second half of the movie takes you to the next level. When you start feeling that, Bro, the first half was fun. It was fun to watch. But I want to see where the second half takes me.

the movie have been made in a very good way

Then you realize that the second half is actually real wildness. And I will say this without spoiling much. That the second half will really shock you. There was a moment when I was like, What? What happened? Those who have seen the movie know what I am talking about.

It was actually pretty surprising. And when we talk about multiverse, then something like this should happen. Really. Then after this, the action sequences of the movie have been made in a very good way. Then no matter who watches it, the movie starts with an action sequence. And in the middle of the movie, good action sequences have been injected.

different universes are very beautiful

Which is very gorgeous to watch. But yes, because it moves at a very fast pace, and is animated in a different style, so many times it happens that you lose track of them. And some key things are missed. But then again, that's the movie's style. But, This is comic verse, So positive and negative. Let's talk about both things. I have counted a lot of positive.

Still, I will tell you one by one. So I really liked the animation of the movie. Starting from the very beginning, different universes are very beautiful. The characters of the movie are written in a very good way. And there is depth in each one. The story of the movie is written very well. It's not like they just wanted to show the multiverse, so they put up a mess. No.

behind everything

There is actually a reason behind everything that has been going on. I mean, if you go and watch, you will realize why everything is happening. What is the reason behind it? And why is Miles and Spider-Man's story of Into the Spider-Verse in between all of this? Then, the movie's background score, or the music of the movie, whatever you want to say. Just like Into the Spider-Verse's music was its life, so just like that, Across the Spider-Verse has given such amazing music

. Then, if I have to talk about bad things, then I personally didn't find anything bad in this movie. And at this moment, I will just nitpick. So, first of all, I didn't understand Sony's marketing strategy. Your movie is very good. But you didn't have to spoil it with so many TV spots.

climax of the movie is actually very good

I am sitting in the theater to watch a movie, and the TV spots of the same movie are running in front of me. Two of them. Even in the interval. Then, the climax of the movie is actually very good, because the atmosphere sets it very well.

But because it ends on a cliffhanger, many people may feel abrupt. They don't know that a sequel is also coming. But apart from this, I didn't find anything bad in the movie. This is something that everyone should go and watch in theaters. So, in short, Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse picks up the formula of Into the Spider-Verse, and by doubling it down, gives us a movie that is more mad than Multiverse of Madness.

they enjoy watching them as much as the new story of Multiverse

I mean, its name is not Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse, it should have been Spider-Man Madness of Spider-Verse. Miles is as much lovable and relatable as he was in the first movie. Apart from this, the new characters who have been introduced, they enjoy watching them as much as the new story of Multiverse is beautifully connected to Miles' story.

And all these things are fitting seamlessly. Anyway, I can talk about this movie all day long. But if you have seen the movie, then tell me in the comments how you liked it.


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