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This tank that created mutiny in Pakistan should have played in the theater, Ishaan is awesome,
Minal Thakur's Pippa, Hello friends,
you will like this video. You will like it, very strange times are going on, the films which should not have been released leave OTT, are coming to the theaters, it is a different matter that their shows are also getting canceled and the films which should have been released in the theaters are suddenly getting released.

It is a brilliant film

Pippa has come on OTT and has been hastily released on Prime Video without any special promotion and this is injustice to this brilliant
film. It is a brilliant film and can create a stir on OTT. Talking about the
story, this story It is about a tank named Pipa, which was India's first tank
which could run on water and this tank had worsened the condition of the enemy in the India-Pakistan war of 1971.

Based on tank Story


Naming the film after a tank is amazing in itself, Ishaan.
Khattar, Minal Thakur and Pianshu Panauli are brother and sister. Father was in the army and has been martyred for the country. When Ishaan Khattar i.e. Brigadier Balram Mehta is
asked to test Pippa, he disobeys his officer's order and digs the tank deep. He is taken to India
and instead of being sent to the border, he is made to sit on the deck. The family
considers him worthless.

The elder brother goes to war. When the sister knows coding, she also joins the army, but then Balram proves his worth. The tank which has seating capacity for three people is converted into seating capacity for four people.
Seeing this, Army Chief Sam Manek Shaw sends him to war, then war happens and we all know what happens, but The way this story has been told is amazing, friends, if we talk about the film, then it is a great film which impresses you from the first frame.

This Movie touch your heart

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The name of the film may surprise you but why would anyone name the film in the name of a tank. How can one keep the name but perhaps this is the biggest feature of the film. In the film, not only the strength of the Piper Tank has been shown, it shows the bravery of the army men but also a story of relationships has been shown which will touch your heart, Pippa. When the enemy's band plays, the chest swells with pride and you feel that this mutiny should have been staged on the big screen. Yes, when Sam Manek comes, you will definitely remember the trailer of Vicky Kaushal's film Sam Bahadur.

Best Acting and emotional scenes

Kamal Sadana He has played the character of Sam Manekshaw, he is good but after watching the trailer of Sham Bahadur, you will definitely remember Vicky Kaushal. Now coming to the acting performance,
Ishaan Khattar has played his character brilliantly, a young soldier who
feels that Neither he could do anything for his family nor for his army. How does he
fight on two fronts? Ishaan should be praised for the skill with which he has handled this struggle.
In the battle scenes, Ishaan delivers both the colors and the emotional scenes.

Manal Thakur's character in 'Aakhe Nam Bhi Hain' is also good and once again Manal has done well. Priyanshu Penli's work in the role of Ishaan's elder brother is also tremendous, he
impresses a lot with his character, the rest of the actors also do good work. Talking about direction,
Raj Krishna Menon's direction is on point.
Raja has created a good balance of emotion and army's urbanity. The film has not dragged anywhere. Minal is a senior actress but it is not that her character has been forced.
Every character has been given as much space as required and this is the
specialty of a good director that he pays more attention to the flow of the story than the stars. Air
Rahman has once again worked his magic.

some amazing scenes

The music of the film is fantastic. Arijit Singh's voice. I liked it very much, the name of the trailer movie is Pipa, this can also be a series, so now its trailer has come, you guys can watch Taylor, you will get to see some amazing scenes in Taylor, after watching Taylor, I liked it . What seems to be happening is that after India became independent in 947, there was a fight with Pakistan and Indian forces were used to save some Pakistanis, that is, it was shown that Pakistan forces used to torture people by keeping them in captivity, that is. This is probably possible and after watching the movie you will know its history, how it happens, so now we will talk about why it was named Pipa. At that time, when the Indian Force had gone to fight, to do youth work,

In Jab Main Parvana Chalta Hai, a different kind of magic comes, the rest of the songs are also good and give a great feel to the film. Overall, this film is a must watch and
must be watched because such films show how good cinema can be made. You just need to have the determination and passion to make it.


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