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Try to change the cinema on Dunki

Some films are made to earn money and some try to change the cinema, but every 10 years there comes a film by which the film makers learn how to make a film. dunki, although this word probably will not be present in the dictionary.

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But for the last one year, the whole world would not have said anything else other than this, Shahrukh Khan's hat-trick is at stake, the guy whom people enjoyed, but for not being able to touch the 300 crore collection, he has ruined the entire cinema by earning 3000 crores in one calendar. Those who have even the slightest doubt that this is going to change, then only 100 seconds are needed.

The most shocking and surprising thing in Dunki Movie

Yes, 100 seconds' danky teaser will create such a record that will be remembered for 100 years. Don't forget, this world belongs to Shahrukh Khan. I and you are just tenants, but Do you know the most shocking and surprising thing is that there is a teaser on Shahrukh Khan's birthday but the respect in the heart increases for someone else, how come I am talking about Rajkumar Hirani, this sir ji lives in a different world, just sometimes.

Chance to peek into that world

Taking pity on the public, he gives people a chance to peek into that world, just like we have seen Christopher Nolan's cinema. He creates a different universe inside each of his films. As soon as you enter the theater, doors to a new world open up while watching Donkey Teaser. Did n't you feel that there is some other world going on with us where all this is happening in real, not a movie but the real world.

becoming a soldier

Buying a ticket of Rajkumar Hirani's film means only two things, either you meet yourself after 3 hours. Do you go or do you change yourself and become a new person? Look at Shahrukh Khan, it seems from some angle that a few days ago, this guy was going to blow up the metro by becoming a villain, he had saved the country single-handedly by becoming a soldier. But the guy had hunted in the forest along with the tiger and now sitting in front of a doctor, he is discussing the name of the child he will have with his future wife.

Raju Hirani has changed the whole game from A to Z and made it clear. It seems that the story of the film will be the real hero of the film and not Shah Rukh. To tell the truth, did anyone think that we have seen a 2-minute teaser?

Raju Hirani to make such an interesting cinema

Didn't we feel that it was over in 40-50 seconds? This is the power of Raju Hirani to make such an interesting cinema. When did the time pass, I don't understand, big things are explained in a pinch. I read that some people are complaining that the teasers are giving a bit of zero like vibes.

Comedy with romance is wasted

SRK's attempt to repeat the same comedy with romance is wasted. Na Dhokha Guru, pick up any of Raju Hirani's films, 3 Idiots, Munna Bhai, Catch Even Sanju, it is a comedy on the outside, but inside there are thousands of feelingless, don't see only the comedy behind it, you are stuck on zero, Punjab Train and Shahrukh Khan, you guys. Didn't DDLJ hit nostalgia ? Boss, he still has to go to London. There is still time to tease the senorita. Shahrukh Khan is in his strong form. Family content.

The energy from SRK in Boss

Seeing each scene of the teaser clearly shows how confident he is about this film. Raju Hirani has taken out the energy from SRK in Boss, from some angle it seems that this guy will cross 60 in two years, it is impossible and then just look at this frame, once you take your eyes off Shahrukh Khan, neither Vicky Kaushal, Taapsee Pannu is standing next to Same Bahadur, this new character will have to be renamed as Vicky Bhai and he will have to be chameleon.

However, if Taapsee doesn't mind, I will admit one thing, for the first time in the last 10 films, she is looking a little different. My eyes lit up after seeing her. But brother, the way the teaser started, I feel scared after watching the film.

The voices of Shahrukh Khan and Sonu Nigam in front of the film

There is no one to listen to only the desert and a hunter with a gun in his hand. Raju sir has not only comedy romance motivation but also a suspense thriller worm. Today I understood with my eyes. The voices of Shahrukh Khan and Sonu Nigam in front of the film, direct ear to ear, Raju Hirani on the director's seat and Boman Hirani inside the film, now I don't know what else people expected from the short teaser of the film.

This was the best return gift for me. It's Shahrukh Khan's birthday, by the way today is my birthday too, no one wished me, so I thought I will have to tell myself, I am going to watch the teaser of Dunki again, the real celebration will be like this, don't come asking for a party, there is a lot of work today, okay, the rest will be in the Article. If you like it or have any complaints, I will let you know.



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