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Introduction of  The Flower Moon Movie

The Flower Moon Movie was directed by Martin scorsi and written by him and Eric Roth this was a major passion project for him a film he's been trying to get made for a very long time the film tells a story of members of the oage tribe in the United States who are murdered under mysterious.

Our Story

circumstances in the 1920s sparking a major FBI investigation but before we get into the rest of the video I do want to give a major thank you 

Every single minute feels completely Justified

I actually had a chance to see this movie a week ago at a press screening but I got the blue and wasn't able to go so I saw it as soon as I possibly could this Thursday the earliest showing this is a three and a half hour movie as I'm sure most reviews you read and watch will tell you and yet every single minute feels completely Justified not only because the film is very important but because it's paced very well felma shun mocker once again editing for Martin scorsi proves why she is and will always be one of the best.

I was so invested in the film that it felt more The Flower Moon Movie like 2 and 1/2 hours and so somewhere along the line about an hour evaporated Into Thin Air it's a scorsi The Flower Moon Movie  so of course it looks beautiful Rod Rico preto cinematography is stunning all of the major performances will likely get Oscar consideration especially Lily Gladstone who plays Molly Burkhart a woman who marries DiCaprio's Ernest Burkhart they meet because he's a cab driver who picks her up he's just gotten back from the war he had an injury that doesn't allow him to do any heavy lifting and so he's driving people around and they eventually fall in love but Robert Deniro's character William hail clearly has other things on his mind when he continuously makes suggestions to Earnest about how he could manipulate all of the wealth that the Osage people have namely the oil that has been discovered on their land that they own the rights to and over the course of the film.

Behind the scenes

The Osage on this land are murdered slowly one by one as some shady folks behind the scenes try to move inheritances as well as other sums of money in into their own Pockets since this side of history is largely unknown and not really discussed The Flower Moon Movie  that much it's really important that this movie exists to not only teach people about this dark chapter of American history but also rather horrifically draw parallels to today which informs us yet again that history can repeat itself in very gruesome ways but I think for me the most horrifying thing about the film is some of its early discussions with characters.

where they're just sitting over dinner and they're talking about way ways that they could earn money and there's the slightest hint of some nastiness in this conversation The Flower Moon Movie they don't really come out and say certain things but you can tell that they're thinking it and behind the scenes you begin to realize how this machine is running so to speak and it's those early conversations and how normal they seemed that scares me so much as.

Back To Back Suspense

The Flower Moon Movie I look back on the film because really under the surface this is about hate crimes racial violence and it's the fact that to everyone around some of these characters it really did seem innocent at first this is why all the performances are so stunning DiCaprio is once again really excellent The Flower Moon Movie because he has a big challenge his character is not really a hero in fact originally the first draft of the script was going to be that he portrayed like the heroic.

FBI guy coming in to solve these murders and they realized it really should be more from the perspective of the oage people and folks who were directly involved with this not The Flower Moon Movie So Much from the suits who come in and try to help later his character Ernest just got back from the war he was a cook he didn't really see much Bloodshed or battle and DiCaprio finds a way to play that with a lot of complex conflict because he really does love this woman that he's fallen in love with Molly but there are other characters that are suggesting that he does some very dark Deeds with his free time dairo is also marvelous in the movie big surprise Robert toiro is really good in The Flower Moon Movie the Martin scorsi movie and I was just kind of pinching myself that still in 2023.

Theater Experience

The Flower Moon Movie I can experience that in the theater and I think that was one of my favorite things about seeing it tonight I it felt like a privilege to watch a three and a half hour scorsi film in a theater and be there with everyone else and I know that in some ways I'm starting to sound old when I say these things but I just don't feel that way.

The Flower Moon Movie I really do cherish the movie theater experience and I try to see everything even like random re-releases for movies I don't necessarily love but would love to see them on the big screen because I never got a chance to seeing a scorsi movie with this cast with a story of this weight and importance is not something you should Miss on the big screen it's a great movie that is very long but expertly paced it's a story that I think everybody should know about and it's made by people who really do care so don't miss this movie The Flower Moon Movie in theaters.

I think it's one of the best films of the Year guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more Articles very soon in my 11th annual Halloween special I hope you guys are having a good time with that I'm having a lot of fun making those Articles.

How To Watch This Movie

Killers of the Flower Moon can only be seen in theaters. Nevertheless, the film will eventually be available for streaming, with Apple TV+ being the first device to do so. This is because the film was distributed by the company's Apple Original Films distributor in collaboration with Paramount.

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