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 A haunting in Venice is directed by Kenneth Brana and stars him in his third outing as the famed detective Hercule Poirot in post-world War II.

Reluctantly, Venice Poirot, who is now retired and living in exile, goes to a seance when one of the attendees is killed.

Our Story Of "A haunting in Venice"

In these Agatha Christie stories, it is up to the ex-detective to find the murderer once more.

 Halloween party was definitely one of the least adapted ones it was adapted for television once before and now we're finally getting a feature film adaptation of it the two previous films in this franchise the murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile are both enjoyable murder mysteries.

are going to be much more entertaining, in my opinion, if you enjoy murder mysteries as much as I do. That will be a factor that will benefit both of those films as well as this one, but this one has a very special quality in that it skews horror. Since I adore both murder mysteries and horror, this film immediately wins my approval.

that it might not appeal to everyone else, but on the other hand, because I adore the horror genre so much, I'll be seeing this with a somewhat more critical eye and focusing on the scares and how they're built up.

with a little bit of reservation because the genre is so important to me.Branagh excels in the role of Proiro, a character he truly excels at portraying, just as he did in the first two films.

 I would love to see even more movies with him as this character because he's just so likable and charismatic he brings so much to every line.

he really is the reason to watch all three of them but just like with the previous two he's assembled another excellent cast Michelle yo being a standout she's terrific in the Seance scene and I've seen a lot of seances in movies and this one has a very unique way of approaching it particularly in the camera work but also in Michelle yo she's fantastic during that sequence.

Tina Fey gets a chance to do something totally different here in a completely non-comedic role she plays an author who sees the chance to write a non-fiction book about Given that it's a large, enormous house, the bulk of the action this time around occurs totally inside of it.

Nevertheless, because you don't spend much time outside, it still feels cramped. When Poirot says, "Nobody's leaving until we solve this," it feels as though you're stuck with them. I nearly laughed when I first watched the teaser for this film.

because I can't remember what the film was but I'm pretty sure it was a PG-13 movie and there were a lot of teenagers there and the entire first half of this trailer is set up like it's a Conjuring Universe movie or something like.

it's the nun too and then at the very end a guy with a mustache the size of Texas shows up and I could just tell the people in my theater were like wait what because it's so jarring if you have no idea about this franchise which makes me think that the film might have a hard time attracting an audience.

Best Ever Horror Scence

A younger audience who sees the trailer and poster will think, "What's this like a Blum House movie with a dude with a massive mustache?" I believe that the majority of viewers for these films are older, and older audiences aren't that interested in a movie called A Haunting in Venice. The poster doesn't help either.

and so it seems to be unsure about who its target audience is. However, it isn't really the movie's fault; rather, it's just my opinion on how the film would be received at the box office.

 because I feel like anybody's grandma might go see a Hercule Poirot movie but anybody's grandma might also need some explanation.

when you say hey Grandma do you want to go see a haunting in Venice unless your grandma is like [ __ ] awesome which would be cool but I think most older audiences are going to need a little explanation when you tell them that's the title of the movie.


the horror aspect of this movie is probably its weakest unfortunately Flash of things that didn't feel like they were there in the moment there's a good amount of tension and branagh's Dutch angles that didn't really work for me in his Thor movie work much better here in a film like this this isn't exactly his first foray into horror he directed a film called dead again.

The 90s that felt a little horror adjacent but he also played a private eye in that film as well as I said at the beginning this movie is going to get extra points for me because of the fact that it has horror elements and it's a murder mystery these things are always going to work for me if they're done well and I think they are done mostly well here where the disappointment came in was the way he crafted his scares.

I think the most fascinating aspect of the movie is taking this character and making him question his beliefs because he walks in thinking like.

this is  you know what I mean like ghosts aren't real this isn't real and I'm gonna prove all of you wrong but when he sees things that he can't quite explain that's when the movie gets really interesting.

because it challenges him so I do think that this film does better things for his character but I think that the murder mystery element of the other two films was better so let me know.

what you thought of a haunting in Venice if you end up seeing it guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more videos very soon if you like this you can click right here and getstuckmanized



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