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the film takes place in 1956 France  where a priest is murdered and an evil  is spreading and here's Sister Irene  once again comes face to face with valik. the demon nun I had very low  expectations for the nun 2 because the  first film didn't really work for me The  Conjuring films have been hit or miss I  think James Juan's contribution to the  franchise has been amazing I did enjoy.

Our Story of "Nun 2"

  The Conjuring 3 this director's previous  film but not all of them have been home  runs and many of them do seem to be a  long series of jump scares that don't  really amount to anything I found this  to be a much better film than the first  the story is considerably more investing .

 I don't even remember much of anything  about the first movie except for a few  scenes this film certainly has the  requisite scares that most fans expect  out of a Conjuring Universe movie.

 but it  also does quite a bit with its  characters that not only the previous  none film but many others in The  Conjuring Universe haven't done and  that's set up a very tragic and real  story that involves some rather harsh  and surprising violence against.

  characters that normally don't get that  violence directed at them in this film  in early death during the First Act made  me feel like no one was safe and that  pretty much anybody was Expendable but  better yet the director here has really  improved with each movie he's made the  film was edited by Gregory Plotkin.

Best Horror Tension-based visuals 

 every scare sequence feels like it's cut  just about perfectly there's plenty of  excellent tension-based visuals where  the nun is kept in the shadows or seen  but not quite seen I'll be completely.

 honest I went into this movie thinking  that I probably wouldn't even talk about  it I just wanted to kind of stay up to  date with what's going on with horror in  theaters nowadays and about 20 minutes.

  in I found myself very invested in the  story liking the way it was cut and shot  and wondering when it was going to  become the really crappy nun sequel that  I thought it was going to be halfway  through the movie I was still wondering  and by the time the film ended I was  totally invested.

 there's one sequence in  particular involving a magazine rack  that I do think is an all-timer for the  entire franchise and there's a  collection of characters.

 here that are  all some way impacted by this demonic  presence an older woman who's still  grieving the loss of her son a single  mom and her young daughter at a boarding  school the young daughter wanting her  mother to get together with a gardener.

  who works there and of course Sister  Irene and newcomer Deborah played by  storm Reed all of whom find themselves  connected by the nun but because the  film takes its time to really establish  these characters as living breathing  people all of whom have religious doubt  as well as tragic pasts and in the case  of the young girl being severely  tormented at school.

 I actually found  myself giving a [ __ ] in between the  scare sequences I also tried something  with this phone that I haven't done in a  while in the past I've talked about how  I tend to not watch or read reviews of a  movie before I see it and that still is  true but it's really hard to avoid  seeing the Tomato Meter score or the  Metacritic score.

 that number I often  will see the number before I see a movie  because it's everywhere it's really hard  to avoid.

 if you follow any movie based  websites but this time around I decided  to not look at even that so I didn't  read any reviews and I didn't even know  what the the Tomato Meter score was  before I saw the movie and so I went in  truly without being influenced by  anything and when I left the theater and  saw what the score was I was like you  know what it's better than that because  I wasn't thinking about.

 that while I was  watching the movie and I do think that's  something I'm going to try to do as  often as possible I'm really tired of  having these preconceptions when I go  into movies I think it's damaging the  film experience I think it's damaging to  filmmakers and I think it's damaging to  the audience I think we should be able  to make up our own mind about these  things I loved that I didn't feel any of  that pressure going in I could just  truly experience the movie as it was  meant to be experienced and I do think  it made it much better for me.

 Best Horror Flim Ever

I don't  think the nun 2 is going to go down as  one of the best horror films ever made  aid but I do think that if this was the  90s and Blockbuster was still around  this would become a popular rental  similar to some of the later films in  the Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street  franchise there are a handful of choices  in the movie that I didn't necessarily  agree with and sometimes characters make  logic leaps that seem to just come about  from nowhere.

 there's Visions in the  movie that Sister Irene has that leads  her to believe she has to do certain  things and sometimes it feels like she's  just telling us these Visions she had  and these new motivations she feels  where we're not necessarily feeling that  transitional motivation that sort of  takes someone from point A to point B in  a horror movie it's just sort of  happening really quickly there's a sense  of urgency.

  Actual like scary

that's built as a result that  I didn't really feel was authentic  beyond that I thought the nun too was a  very effective horror movie it does do  that thing that a lot of conjuring  movies do where they introduce something  meant to maybe do something else I don't  know that it will do what that scene in  Conjuring 2 did which is literally  spawned this franchise but it was  acceptable and it did help raise the  stakes during the third act.

 which I  thought was surprisingly thrilling look  the nun 2 was nothing like I thought it  would be I really really thought I was  just going to go to this movie to kind  of check it off like yep saw it it's in  the catalog now of horror movies that  I've seen but I found myself really  enjoying it.

 so guys if you do have time  this weekend I might check this one out  like at a matinee price I do think that  if you are a real horror buff you're  going to find some enjoyment here guys  thank you so much as always for  look forward to more article very soon.

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